About Me

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Hi! I am Mariah. Wife, Mommy, and most importantly lover of food (Carbs in general and ANYTHING white chocolate in particular). Welcome to my kitchen, where every plate is made with love and creativity. Food is one of the things I am most passionate about. I enjoy being in the kitchen even more then shopping! Imagine that?! Unless its Nordstrom’s. That place has half my heart. Actually, half my credit card.  

But we can talk about that later.  

I am a blessed Southern Californian and I don’t think I ever wanna move. We are 30 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from the mountains, and its always sunny. How can I complain?! I live with my insanely handsome hubby. He is one of those looks perfect in the morning, good at EVERYTHING, life of the party kinda guys. I still feel so lucky that God picked him for me. Speaking of which, my first and foremost love is God. I am a Jesus loving sinner who is lucky to have been saved by grace. The love I have found through him is greater than any I’ve come to know. 

NM7 And as if that wasn’t enough sublime goodness for one girl, I am also a brand new mommy to the cutest little angel I’ve ever seen.

IMG_9531copyMaybe I am a bit biased. But those chubby cheeks say it all. We are the parents that forget we are watching TV because we get mesmerized by any little thing she does and our photo galleries are maxed out with a million pictures of her doing the same thing. Yeah, we are those parents. But we just can’t help it.That sweet babe is the best thing that ever happened to our little family. Baby Stella is my tiny helper in the kitchen and I hope someday she’ll enjoy cooking as much as I do.  

IMG_9477copyThis blog was born out of my complete obsession with food. 

I am literally obsessed

 I am always coming up with new flavor profiles and experimenting with new things. As a busy mom and wife, I try to keep most of my recipes simple and somewhat healthy (did I mention I’m also a big fan of bikinis?). 

After all, California is swimsuit season all year long. Smh. 

I like to think health is a relative term. For example, if I have kale with lunch then it totally justifies having double white chocolate raspberry cookies for dinner. Right? 

I always knew I had a sweet tooth but my husband say’s I have sweet TEETH. When we first started dating the poor guy nearly starved when he would come to visit at my apartment. The fridge was always well stocked with fruit, strawberry shortcake pops, and ice cream. Not a protein in sight. (I’m surprised he didn’t make a run for it while he had the chance.) 

Since then I have broadened my horizons and you may even find some dishes with protein on here! 

I love raspberries, smoothies, and anything with a crunch! I try to live a balanced lifestyle with the foods I eat. But I have to tell you sugar wins, A LOT! 

And I should mention, I absolutely hate mayo. 

Loathe it. 

I think I have an actual phobia of it (or at least that is what I tell myself.) Something about that jiggly white mass has made me cringe since my kindergarten days and it never, EVER, went away. 

So that is a little bit about me. I hope you enjoy exploring on my site. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I always love to hear from readers. You can find all my information on my contact page. 



Sharing is Caring...Share on FacebookPin on PinterestTweet about this on TwitterShare on Yummly